New Issue of National Geographic Traveler

The latest issue of National Geographic Traveler invites readers to take an exciting journey through Indochina where they will see the Mekong River Delta, sip coffee in a desert, ride a bamboo train and peek into the Angkor Wat temples.

This issue also contains loads of practical tips and travel ideas.

In “Strategy,” readers will learn how to rent a car in a different country. Which documents are required? Will they permit you to rent a car if you hold a Russian license, and how to get an international license? How much does it cost, and how can you save money? What should you do if the car breaks down or you have an accident? Read this issue, and you will know the answers to these questions and feel confident about trying it.

Ten ideas for fall travels. What can you do in autumn? The magazine offers several alternatives – for example, have fun at the Oktoberfest in Munich, watch old racing cars in Brussels, dance to the beat of drums in Hong Kong, inhale the incense in Mumbai or see a three-storey aquarium in Dubai. The choice is yours!

Guide to Buenos Aires. Local residents tell where they like to go, where the best food can be found, the best places for walking, the most interesting sights, the best music and what to buy in their favorite city.

Everything about Hungarian cuisine. Goulash, pörkölt, langosh and wine. In this country, the people worship meat and red pepper. Try it!

The Adventure column tells readers everything about kite surfing for beginners. How to choose the right board, where to learn and what equipment to buy. And of course, all of the best places for surfing – Mauritius, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Hawaii, South Africa, Cape Verde and Mexico.

The magazine was released for sale on September 21.

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