Collezioni at Russian Fashion Week

Collezioni Editor-in-Chief Irina Chernyak took part in a roundtable discussion titled “Fashion – a dialectical phenomenon of modern culture: its elitist and democratic character.”

The roundtable was held as part of the business program at Russian Fashion Week. Members of the fashion industry taking part in the discussion included designer Dmitry Loginov, Mexx brand art director Anna Balandina, Fashion Consulting Group CEO Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, head of the Fashion Industry Management Center of the Higher School of Econommics Anush Gasparyan as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the “Theory of Fashion” almanac.

The roundtable participants discussed the trend toward polarization in the fashion world: the significance of luxury and mass-market brands and the declining role of the middle segment. Irina’s remarks were met with a great deal of interest and set the tone for a free-flowing dialogue with the audience. Young designers asked how they should position their own brand, how to start their business and where they should focus their energies in promoting it.

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