Homes Overseas: Meeting with Readers

Homes Overseas met with readers at its editorial offices on November 25. Attendees included future and past buyers of overseas real estate as well as representatives of small companies looking to provide services on the overseas real estate market.

Homes Overseas Editor-in-Chief Sergei Rymov fielded questions from readers. The discussion began with basic information on topics of interest to all buyers of overseas property. Using real estate purchases in Bulgaria as an example, Rymov spoke about the most common mistakes made when purchasing property overseas. (Read this article soon on The discussion also covered the situation on the Bulgarian market from the early post-Soviet period through today.

The open format gave speakers the opportunity to ask questions regarding any topic or country of interest to them. Among the guests were individuals interested in information on Cyprus, Montenegro and Turkey. They all received answers to their questions. The conversation was very candid and Rymov gave concrete and thorough answers to each question.

Guests were also interested in the Homes Overseas Russian Awards that showcase the highest-quality and most promising residential real estate on the market. With a general lack of information on the topic, this prize is perhaps the only barometer giving an unbiased rating of viable projects on the real estate markets of various countries.

The meeting with readers lasted almost three hours and although the guests were tired, they were happy with the result. On the magazine’s site, readers can subscribe to a mailing with information on the next meeting with readers and other Homes Overseas events for professionals and real estate buyers.

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