New From United Press: Workaholics Anonymous

In January, the Alpina Business Books/United Press division released a new book by Olga Lucas: Workaholics Anonymous.

Workaholism is an addiction and a harmful habit. It’s time to stop lying to yourself — there is nothing heroic about being a workaholic. They told you as a child that it was wrong to sit around doing nothing, but did you believe them so completely that now you never rest for even a moment? Has the world shrunk down to the size of your desktop, and your life become nothing but an endless series of business meetings and negotiations?

But please don’t start feeling sorry for yourself just yet. Lighten up! This book will not only teach you how to stop being a workaholic and how to get rid of other bad work-related habits in just 12 steps, but will also show you how to begin looking at the brighter side of life. By the way, as a bonus, Chapter 13 is dedicated to those who dream of becoming workaholics themselves.

And for those of you who are not workaholics and have no intention of becoming one, perhaps you should:
Earn the gratitude of your coworkers by giving this book to your workaholic boss;
Give the book to a workaholic acquaintance and enjoy the chance to see them more often;
Give the book to a workaholic loved one and you will have more time together to share your love for each other.

Don’t forget: Work is man’s friend, but overwork is his enemy.

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