New Project From The Moscow Times: Supplement on Russia’s Regions

As part of the “Partnership XXI Century” series, The Moscow Times presents the first bilingual supplement “Russian Regions: Siberia.” The publication, devoted to one of Russia’s key regions, tells how Siberian cities are developing their business and tourism sectors, and provides a map of Siberian research and industrial centers.

The supplement discusses the challenges currently facing the region and measures being taken to address them. With a lagging technology base, Irkutsk plans to create an “Innovation Street,” its own version of the Skolkovo business incubator planned for Moscow. The publication lists innovation centers where scientists and businessmen are searching for high-tech solutions to problems facing the region. Another article discusses economic development around Lake Baikal where officials and tour operators are locked in conflict over a Soviet-era pulp and paper mill, which is poisoning the water and their dreams of a better life. The supplement closes with an article on Siberian health — traditionally considered robust and hardy, but which threatens to become a myth. However, the creation of electronic databases and the purchase of modern medical equipment could change the Siberian health situation for the better.

The supplement is distributed with The Moscow Times and Vedomosti Siberia, and will be handed out at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum to be held in mid-February.

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