New Issue of National Geographic Russia

National Geographic Russia becomes even more interesting in April, with a cover story called “The Incas — Haughty Lords of the Andes.” This small South American tribe managed to create a mighty empire and dominate entire populations. In the new issue, readers will learn how their empire was formed, why “llamas were key” and how people of the European Old World destroyed a great empire in the New World.

Also in this issue:

A walk through Manhattan. New things you never knew about Manhattan. Tree and flower boxes more than 25 feet above the ground have become tourist attractions.

Did the Battle of Kulikovo really happen? A story of a place where a great battle presumably took place in the distant past, of the monument commemorating that struggle, of how people went there to fight, and about whether the Battle of Kulikovo ever actually took place.

The miracle of feathers. Scholars who study the mechanisms of evolution and the latest paleontological discoveries are bringing us closer to answering the question of how feathers first appeared.

The most dangerous city. The Congolese city of Goma is situated at the foot of a volcano, similar to the one near the infamous city of Pompeii. Will seismological studies help prevent a similar tragedy?

The coelacanth kingdom. This fish, once thought to have disappeared in the late Cretaceous period, has suddenly become the subject of a unique photo shoot.

Red bird feathers. The story of a banana-eater (red-tufted touraco) that doesn’t eat bananas.

The new issue goes on sale March 29.

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