The Moscow Times Presents 10 Top Trips Around Russia

The Moscow Times presents “Travel Guide – 10 Top Trips Around Russia.” The new publication continues the newspaper’s tradition of releasing travel guides designed to acquaint readers with Russia, its diverse culture, local color and rich history.

The 10 unique itineraries were compiled by experienced travel journalists. Each includes traditional historical places of interest and describes active forms of recreation such as rafting, hiking, surfing, sailing and scuba diving in different regions of Russia. In recent years, “independent” tourism had taken hold in Russia, similar to what is called “adventure tourism” in the West. The book contains ample reference materials to help travelers plan their trips.

It is interesting to reflect on the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western cultures while standing with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. To do so, just choose the route through the Urals, the mountain range that separates the two continents. Working hard while mountain climbing in the Caucasus, you will have a completely different view of bustling big city life from the highest point in Europe – Mount Elbrus. In Kamchatka, you can feel the tectonic process set in motion millions of years ago while walking among the volcanoes and through the Valley of Geysers. Plunge into the medieval world of knights by visiting castles in the Kaliningrad region and take part in shamanic rituals while traveling with nomads in the steppes of Khakassia and Tyva. Masterfully wrought Russian wooden buildings will surprise visitors to Karelia and the beautiful churches of the Nilo-Stolobensky monastery will immerse guests in an atmosphere of tranquility. St. Petersburg will prove once again why it is considered the cultural capital of not only Russia, but also Europe.

Anyone following the routes laid out in The Moscow Times guidebook will refute the conventional saying that there is no life outside Moscow. New and exciting experiences await you!

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