Summer Issue of National Geographic Traveler

In the new issue of National Geographic Traveler, readers will find a fascinating guide to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon — the embodiment of European spontaneity. Local residents give 21 tips on the best way to experience this unique city and find something human and meaningful amid its maze of streets. And, of course, they explain where you can relax, body and soul, and where to spend one of the most memorable nights of your life on a truly Hollywood scale.

In the Your Choice section, readers will find the 10 most beautiful lakes of the world. They will have to make the difficult choice of which to visit — vast Lake Baikal or Lake Geneva with the famous Chillon Castle on its banks, Lake Victoria that straddles three African states or the Scottish Loch Lomond that inspired Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott, Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake, or stunning Lake Maggiore in Italy, Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan that impressed Russian geographer Nikolai Przhevalsky more than Swiss beauty or Lake Skadar in Montenegro, and finally Lake Teletskoye in the Altai Mountains or the famous Great Lakes of the United States with its world-famous jewel, Niagara Falls.

The Report section retraces the footsteps of Homer’s Odyssey through the Ionian Archipelago of the legendary Hellas. Experience ancient Greece and come with us to the islands of Lefkas, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and, of course, Ithaca.

In the Diary section you will experience the romance of multifaceted Tver. Visitors can enjoy fresh Fruit Infusion drinks, see how orphaned bears are raised and, most importantly, look for the mysterious missing library of Ivan the Terrible.

The Adventure column tells readers how travelers from Perm trekked to the Tibetan mountains to relive the expedition of Nikolai Przhevalsky, the first European to visit those regions. Of course, the journey was not without close calls — encounters with a bear and an angry yak. What does the Golden Ridge and Monomakh’s Cap have in store? A host of surprises.

Finally, the Travel Routes section will take you to the most beautiful places in the Urals, Amsterdam, Chamonix, Leogang and Utah.

The issue was released for sale on June 21.

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