National Geographic Traveler Awards 2011

National Geographic Traveler magazine under the aegis of the Russian Tourist Industry Union is organizing the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2011. The award will mark the best tourist destinations in 2011 in several categories: beach, excursions, active, mountain skiing, best destination in Russia.

Turkey or Crimea, Baikal or Norwegian fjords, London or St. Petersburg, the Roman Colosseum or island of Kizhi? If you like traveling and want to share your opinion, you are welcome to take part in the poll at You can judge based either on your personal experience, your friends’ opinions or impressions taken from books, magazine articles or advertisements.

Vote at and receive a free electronic subscription for one issue of National Geographic Traveler, the most popular travel magazine in the world. Let’s choose the best together!

The award ceremony for the best tourist destinations will be held in the Crocus Expo center during the Moscow International Fall Week of Tourist Professionals on Sept. 21-24.

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