Alpina Business Books on the iPad

The book division of Alpina Business Books/United Press is entering the electronic book market. Now you can buy the publisher’s books for an attractive price in the AppStore by simply installing the free Alpina Business Books application on your iPad.

The iPad version goes beyond standard book content to offer additional material that cannot be delivered on paper. The e-books are supplemented by a variety of effects: video interviews, QR codes and active links, animated graphics, text zooming and much more. The iPad application provides new opportunities for advertisers to create maximally interactive promotional materials.

To download the application from the Apple AppStore:

In the search field, write: Alpina Business Books;
Select the application that appears;
Press "Free," then "Install." Next, enter your login and password or register with the AppStore;
After installation is complete, go to the application and purchase your favorite books.

Six books are already available for download, and the bookshelves of Alpina Business Books and United Press will be continuously augmented.

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