'The Devil You Know' From United Press

In October, Alpina Business Books/United Press published "The Devil You Know: Looking Out for the Psycho in Your Life" by Jessica Fellowes and Kerry Daynes.

You have probably thought many times to yourself that your boss is crazy. And no doubt your best friend has said her ex-boyfriend was "some kind of psychopath." But you probably never thought about what that word actually means. As a matter of fact, not all psychopaths are serial killers who end up behind bars for life.

Who would know better than a professional psychologist that many psychopaths are very successful at pretending to be normal people? Think about it: About 3 percent of the people on the planet have a strong predisposition to psychosis. Can you be sure there are no psychopaths among your circle of acquaintances? What would happen if your loved one, your child, co-worker, friend or the stunning lover you met on the Internet was a psychopath?

This book helps readers learn a great deal about such people: how they manage to gain your trust, what is going on in their head, why they are like that and how to behave with them. After reading this work, you will be able to identify and even neutralize the psychopaths in your life — and the sooner you do it, the better. And, under no circumstances should you recommend this book to anyone who does not want to know the truth!

Written by a popular British forensic psychologist in collaboration with a journalist and then brilliantly translated into Russian, "The Devil You Know" is impossible to put down.

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