New Year’s Issue of National Geographic Traveler

Residents of Tuscany, one of Italy’s most romantic regions, offer 21 tips to travelers in the new issue of National Geographic Traveler. Following that advice, readers will learn where they can find the most delicious cod, how they can prevent the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling, cruise the Elbe River, find the village where Leonardo da Vinci was born and, of course, where to buy the best bottle of Chianti.

The “Our Choice” section features the 10 most interesting and unique markets of the world in such far-flung locations as Amsterdam and London, Madrid and Istanbul, stretching through Europe and Asia to India and Thailand and even to the U.S. city of Seattle. Each market has its own unique features and, at times, offers wonderful surprises.

In “Strategy,” learn how to get through a force majeure situation without losing your head. What happens if you lose your passport or your money runs out? National Geographic Traveler shares helpful experiences, explains how to avoid similar situations and suggests what to do if such mishaps do occur.

In the “Report” section, readers will learn about the triangle-shaped isle of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, where nobody will think you are strange if you stroll around barefoot while wearing a fur coat, how to find a beach with sand from the Sahara Desert, and readers will become acquainted with the compelling theory put forward by Norwegian ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl.

The “Diary” section features Sweden. Read about the ski resort of Ope, flying waiters, boots made from reindeer skins and Swedish families.

Find the best adventure destinations for 2012 in the “Adventure” section. Conquer the celebrated Mount Roraima that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle populated with prehistoric animals, take a fascinating bicycle tour of Portugal, sail a yacht around the Aeolian archipelago or search for sunken ships in the warm waters of Croatia. With so much to do, the choice is not an easy one. 

The new issue goes on sale Nov. 22.

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