Anniversary Issue of National Geographic Russia

The January issue of National Geographic Russia magazine will be doubly celebratory: The 100th edition will include a unique New Year’s supplement. Everyone purchasing this issue will receive a complimentary calendar for 2012 developed by National Geographic Russia magazine in cooperation with the creators of Yves Rocher plant-based cosmetics.

The main story in this issue focuses on free divers: How do they dive to such tremendous depths without the aid of specialized breathing equipment? Natalia and Alexei Molchanov, Russia’s most famous free divers, relate their experiences.

Also in this issue:

Beastly love. Rigid calculations without the least romance. Strictly planned sex that allows for no departure from the rules. Animals listen only to their brains and literally direct their feelings.

War in golden armor. Scientists in Panama have unearthed warriors clad head to foot in gold and emeralds. One of the most outstanding archeological discoveries of recent years sheds light on a previously unknown culture.

Ice patrol. A young Dane undergoes an endurance test in Northern Greenland with the world’s only military unit to use dog sled teams for patrols.

A park of modern mammoths. Russian scientists discovered how horses, bison and musk ox turned the tundra into steppe.

Flaming red birds. The Caribbean flamingo — the most brightly-colored member of its genus.

The scenic and wild rivers of America. One little-known U.S. federal law that saved hundreds of American rivers from being blocked by levees and dams.

The new issue was released for sale on Dec. 27.

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