Mamas&Papas: Everything about Obedient and Disobedient Children

We all know that no children are exclusively obedient or disobedient. Every child is unique, a combination of “sugar and spice” and “a stick of dynamite.” Thus, two sections of the March issue of Mamas&Papas are devoted to the “obedient” and “disobedient” aspects of a child’s character.

The section on “obedient children” examines child development techniques and issues that arise when placing too much emphasis on training children to be “obedient,” explains how to identify your child’s talents and takes a detailed look at the literature on preparing a child to attend school.

The section on “disobedient” children discusses ways to channel their tireless energy into constructive activity.

The first section is titled “My child doesn’t listen!” and is devoted to idle and harmful words. It speaks about the many reprimands parents make that children retain in their memory and how parents can express their wishes in a more constructive form. Also in this section:

“I don’t want to! I won’t go! I won’t do it!” — everything about children’s negativism;
“Attention, attention!” — teaching little ones to concentrate;
Sling — a trendy trick or a solution to a problem;
Shooting a gun;
Learning to take photographs;
Breeding fighting hamsters.

The second section — “My child listens to what I say!” — is devoted to exemplary children and the problems they encounter. Also in this section:

The best aptitude tests: identifying your child’s talents;
“Intractable”: difficult sounds;
Super Mom: 10 steps to success;
Jigsaw puzzles;
Visiting museums;
Baking apricot muffins.

The March issue of Mamas&Papas was released for sale on Feb. 21.

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