Men’s Health: A Triple Serving of Special Effects

Men’s Health will release an amazing three applications for the iPad in March. They include the iPad version of the April issue of Men’s Health and two free apps: the "Guide to Style" and the "2011 Digest."

The iPad version of the April issue of Men’s Health magazine was released for sale on March 13. The issue is chock full of special effects such as sniper Leonid Yekimov shattering the reader’s iPad screen to smithereens with a single gunshot and editor Ivan Glushkov transforming instantly from a young and healthy man into an old and sick one — but don’t worry, he was unhurt by the experiment.

As always, readers will find exclusive interviews in this issue: Russian half-pipe and “big air” snowboard champion Olga Smeshliva in the "Object of Desire" section and in the "Elementarno" (Piece of Cake) section, Foosball Federation president Andrei Markin conducts a workshop on how to play kicker. And, of course, the April issue contains the "Men’s Talk" audio section, animation, quick site navigation, useful links and interactive tests.

The free "Guide to Style" app describes new fashion trends for this spring and the coming summer and provides useful tips from experts on choosing clothing for your body type, the best way to pack a suitcase and much more.

The "2011 Digest" brings together all of the best materials published last year in the iPad version of the magazine. The application is aimed at those who like all of the interactive possibilities the iPad version offers and who want to have all of the best and most memorable Men’s Health material close at hand. The free application — available at the AppStore — contains a record number of special effects.

More information about the issue can be found at

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