2012 National Geographic Traveler Awards

National Geographic Traveler magazine teamed up with Volkswagen to determine the best travel destinations in 2012 for various types of recreation. Internet voting on the magazine’s website at www.nat-geo.ru will be held from May through September 2012 to determine the most popular destinations. The special category of "Best Road Trip" will also be included.

Go to www.nat-geo.ru, become a member of the National Geographic club and vote for the best travel destinations of 2012. Turkey or the Crimea, Lake Baikal or the Norwegian fjords, London or St. Petersburg, the Roman Coliseum or Kizhi Island? You choose!

The results of the voting will be published at www.nat-geo.ru. The November-January issue of National Geographic Traveler will also list the best travel destinations of 2012 in its November-January issue.

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