Special issue of Men’s Health in June

The June issue of Men’s Health magazine presents the Russian Dream Team – MH experts chose the best Soviet and Russian players of all time.

The June cover features Sergei Semak, famous football player and versatile midfielder. Semak is the only Russian player to become national champion on three different teams (CSKA, Rubin and Zenit). He consistently wins public acclaim and gives his all to the game.

Also in this issue:

Shish kebab recipes from five countries;
A complete guide to sports nutrition;
9,000 meters of empty space — do you have the courage to jump from an airplane?
The first summer style guide.

Readers will find special Euro 2012 inserts in the June issue:
A poster with the schedule of all the football games;
An album with Panini Euro 2012 stickers containing detailed information about each player.

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