National Geographic Traveler on Auto Plus TV

National Geographic Traveler magazine editor-in-chief Alexander Zheleznyak appeared on the Auto Plus television program "Fellow Traveler" on June 6. He discussed the best travel destinations for 2012.

Zheleznyak told television viewers about the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Awards — created under the sponsorship of Volkswagen Group Rus — which are given for the best travel destinations of 2012.

Readers can vote for the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Awards at through Aug. 31. The results will be published on the site in September and in the November-January 2013 issue of National Geographic Traveler. Readers can vote in the following categories: beach vacation, winter vacation, best eco vacation, best adventure vacation, sightseeing holiday, travel for health, discovery of the year, best travel blog and others. Site users can also share their own experiences and try to win in the special category: Volkswagen Group Rus – Best Road Trip.

Traveling by automobile has become very popular with Russians and Alexander Zheleznyak shared his experiences on the road with viewers. He offered advice on how to choose the route and calculate the distances involved, which maps to use and which to avoid, the problems that can arise along the way and how to avoid them through proper preparations. He also spoke about the adventures he experienced on his most memorable road trips.

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