and in Google Media

You can now visit the and sites using any gadget thanks to the new Google Media application. Just download “Google Media” at no cost from Google Play or the App Store and read the material on any convenient device: the iPhone, iPad or any gadget using the Android operating system. You can read any of the downloaded articles in offline mode at your convenience.

The application makes available a wide range of resources on various subjects from around the world, but and are the only Russian sites for women included in the service’s library. appears on the opening page immediately after the app has loaded, and is located in the “Lifestyle” section. By selecting the transmission to your personal library function, both and are available upon opening the application.

The material made available with the app includes the Fashion, Beauty, Celebrities and Recipes columns, and the World of Cosmo section offers Cosmopolitan magazine news and events. The material includes Fashion News, the Celebrity Styles section and Street Style photos uploaded by readers. The material is updated hourly and the latest news and colorful photos found on the and sites are displayed conveniently on whatever gadget you use. Now, all you need to read your beauty horoscope in the mornings, share the latest celebrity gossip with your lady friends over lunch or prepare a light dessert for dinner is the feed in Google Media.

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