Wedding School Summer Session

A wonderful evening, answers from professionals on a wide range of important questions, the chance to try on the dress of your dreams and the use of ordinary items to help make the ideal wedding: Guests were treated to all of this and much more at the latest Wedding School held last Sunday.

On a fine summer day at Noa, one of the most elegant restaurants in Moscow, an event was held that has become something of a tradition – the Wedding School. Ascending a staircase strewn with rose petals, guests began a wonderful evening prepared for them by the Mamma Mia agency for family events.

As always, many surprises and useful advice awaited the guests. The evening’s hosts, Olga and Mikhail, explained the best way to start preparing for the important wedding event. After setting the date, the couple-to-be must determine a preliminary budget. Then they must decide where to register their marriage: at the government registry office or a different venue. The next steps include selecting and reserving the services of a wedding planner, photographer, videographer and a banquet hall. The ring should be ordered and purchased at least two months in advance and invitations should be chosen from among the numerous options available and sent out to guests. After that, it is important to give special attention to the appearance of the bride and groom. Once the couple has created a seating plan for the guests and purchased wedding accessories, they can rest easy knowing that nothing has been forgotten.

Wedding magazine editor-in-chief Natalya Kulikova held a workshop on choosing a wedding dress. Inviting one young lady from the hall, Kulikova selected a fabulous dress for her from the Ceremony wedding boutique.

Throughout the event, professional make-up artists from the Clarins brand applied stunning make-up to all of the interested ladies, making them feel like true princesses.

The evening then closed with a light buffet and a raffle of unique pearl jewelry made by Nasonpearl and Aura perfume from Swarovski.

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