The August Issue of National Geographic Russia

The main article of the August issue of National Geographic Russia is devoted to the Titanic, the most famous ship in the history of navigation, tragically wrecked 100 years ago. Only now do we finally have an opportunity to reach every corner of the ship and examine the smallest details hidden in the bottom of the sea. The cover includes a piece of Nick Kaloterakis’ artwork: Titanic’s snout tears away from the aft and rushes into the bottom, cutting the blue.

In addition, the issue includes:

A diving bird: graceful in water and endearingly clumsy on the shore, the northern booby gains the speed of a good car, wimbles into the sea and snatches a fish from 15 meters deep.

Cinema-verite. The Titanic movie’s director, one of the most successful in the world after the movie brought him worldwide fame, spent about 500 hours on the robot study of the ship.

Contemporary East Side Story. During the struggle for the right to hold the 2012 Olympic Games, the authorities of the British capital promised to reconstruct East London. How does the East Side look now and how will it look after the Olympics?

In pursuit of the shot. Tim Samaras, modernly equipped, is insistent in reaching his goal: He wants to be the first to shoot the birth of lightning.

Tibetan gold. This miraculous means can be found only in the high-mountain regions of Tibet and the Himalayas. It’s believed to treat any disease – from loss of hair to hepatitis. There is no incontestable evidence of its magic characteristics; however, the drugs earn fantastic profits for people who sell it.

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