Collezioni Donna in 2 Volumes

Collezioni Donna magazine has been released in two volumes for the first time and with the most complete range of collections from around the world. The September issue has two covers and twice as many pages. The first volume is devoted to New York, Milan and Madrid, and the second covers Paris, London and Moscow.

Also in the first volume:

Interviews with creative director and heir to the Trussardi House, Guy Trussardi, Diane von Furstenberg, who talks about past and future American fashion and Roberto Torretta, the founder and designer of the eponymous brand.

Fashion duel: proof that six fashion capitals, two stylists and one fashion item make for unlimited possibilities.

Trends: the season’s palette. Collezioni has always believed in fashion forecasts, and the fall issue presents colors that were predicted back in the spring to become the main favorites now.

Eleven friends of the bicycle: At Collezioni’s request, 11 Russian designers decorated bicycles especially for the Bikeable Moscow project.

In the second volume:

Fashion school. Those who have given their hearts to fashion rarely part ways with it.

Straight talk. Designer Alber Elbaz explains how France has brought genuine beauty to the world; Mary Katrantzou believes that British fashion is primarily a challenge; Alyona Akhmadullina defines Russian fashion and describes the advantages that Russian designers have.

Fashion home delivery. Virtual shopping now offers a “live fitting room” service.

Beauty: gothic makeup, colored highlights and photo manicures.

Collezioni: Fashion is in your hands!

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