Mamas&Papas in October

Mamas&Papas will be released in two volumes in October. The issue features male and female perspectives on child rearing.

It is a well-known fact that mothers and fathers have differing views on child rearing, and even the problems that the adults experience are different. In the volume for moms, Mamas&Papas tells readers about natural parenting and the various educational methods that exist, explains how to teach their preschoolers social skills, gives tips on what to do if they have mother-in-law problems and which decorative cosmetics are the best to buy for their little princess.

The volume for dads examines 25 challenging situations that fathers experience every day, explains how husbands can help their wives during childbirth, looks at a father’s role in child rearing, teaches dads how to prepare simple and delicious breakfasts, and offers tips on choosing a tablet, a desktop computer and even the family car.

Read this and much more interesting material in the new, two-volume October issue.

On sale from Sept. 18.

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