Second Vedomosti Cup Regatta

The second annual Vedomosti Cup corporate regatta ended on Sept. 14. More than 130 representatives of 17 Russian and foreign firms took part. The regatta was held from Sept. 8 to 14 in the waters of the Aegean Sea along the southwestern Turkish coastline and the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes.

The first day of the regatta began with a Vedomosti conference on “Why We Believe in Russia.” Moderator Alexander Gubsky, deputy chief editor of the newspaper, asked the assembled captains of business to explain why they believe in Russia and why they continue investing and creating new jobs. The resulting discussion was very informative. After the conference, all of the participants went to the Marti Marina to man the boats they had been assigned during a drawing at a pre-party in Moscow. Once they were ready, the race began.

The participants were treated to unique evening programs after the end of each day’s race. The first stopping point of the race was the luxurious D-Hotel Maris, where guests enjoyed a screening of the Esquire film, “The Rules of Life.” The party lasted until the early morning, with participants dancing, talking and walking along the beach until eventually returning to their cabins at 2 a.m.

A fairytale party was held at the inviting restaurant The Manos on Sept. 12. A huge khorovod and sirtaki dance surged out from the restaurant onto the beach and even attracted passersby to join; the air was filled with the sounds of energetic musicians performing fiery Greek melodies and an endless number of plates that participants broke over their knees and even each other’s heads, attracting a crowd of onlookers

A gala dinner to honor the winners was held on the island of Rhodes on Sept. 13. This year, the top three finishers were financiers. First place and the coveted Vedomosti cup when to the Teletrade team, which had also taken part in the first regatta in 2011. Second place was awarded to the Troika Dialog crew, which demonstrated excellent teamwork. Third place went to the UniCredit Bank team, which participated in the race for the first time and fought valiantly for victory.

Regatta organizers from the Vedomosti and The Moscow Times newspapers would like to sincerely thank all of the business partners and race participants. In November, a Russian-English magazine-style supplement with reports and photos from each day of the race will be included in the newspapers. All of the participants will also be invited to an after-party on Nov. 8 where guests will be presented with a film about the regatta and a magazine-style publication, allowing them to once again plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of the drive, success and pleasant recreation that characterized the regatta.

Until we meet again at the third annual Captains of Business regatta in 2013!

Photos, publications and video materials about the regatta can be viewed on the regatta Facebook page,, and on the official website of the regatta:

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