Custom Publishing: Best Ideas for the New Year

Custom Publishing presents the new issue of ShopTime Magazine, a guide to fashion shopping.

However skeptical a person might feel toward the drudgery of New Year’s preparations, the holiday is ultimately a magical time. And to make 2013 a year of fashion, ShopTime Magazine presents the brightest ideas for Christmas and New Year’s: chiffon, lace, rhinestones and feathers, gorgeous shoes and the best party dresses.

Also in this issue: Popular singer MakSim, who definitely knows something about fashion, offers her stylish scenario for the magical night; singer Loi offers tips on how to stand out and not be afraid of sporting a new look; a selection of New Year’s gifts on; impressions and plans for next year from designer and fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, for those who value a man’s opinion; in the Travel column, the most interesting facts you need to know about the best city for celebrating New Year’s — New York.

But most importantly, no matter where you celebrate the new year and no matter which evening gown you choose, you should believe in the miracle that will undoubtedly occur if you dream about something truly significant and important. Happy New Year!

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