National Geographic Russia Reveals Colorful Undersea World

National Geographic Russia magazine and Visa present a unique project: an ultraviolet light exhibition titled “The Colors of the Undersea World.”

Visitors can view photographs made by National Geographic Russia head photographer Andrei Kamenev from Dec. 11 to 16 at the M’Ars Contemporary Art Centre at 5 Pushkarev Pereulok in Moscow. The exhibition features photos of denizens of the deep: large-eyed soldierfish of the Red Sea, swallowfish of the Indian Ocean, poisonous groupers and many other inhabitants of the undersea world.

The exhibition is divided into two parts and two separate spaces: dark and light. The first part features works created with special technology and displayed in a dark room. Under ultraviolet light, the photographs glow with the colors and contours of real undersea creatures. The second part of the exhibition displays works under ordinary lighting conditions.

By using a special UV flashlight in the dark section of the photo exhibition, you will feel like a fish in water.

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