Special Edition of National Geographic Russia

The January 2013 issue of National Geographic Russia presents a special edition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Society and the first publication of National Geographic magazine. The issue begins with five covers, each dedicated to unique research and exploration projects.

Ever since mankind left Africa 60,000 years ago, the human race has striven to go beyond the known, to discover new lands and possibilities. That impulse is still just as strong as ever. In honor of the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Society, the magazine kicks off the year with a look at a new era of research and exploration.

In this issue:

The world of research. Photos of people in the most amazing locations — on the moon, on the slope of an erupting volcano, at the summit of an 8,000-foot peak and at the bottom of the ocean.

An irrepressible gene. Researchers have identified the origin of human curiosity — the “explorers and adventurers gene.” It seems that this gene is what drove our earliest ancestors to leave Africa — and modern humans to venture from the earth to explore the moon and stars.

The most audacious. They catch the world’s most poisonous snakes, kayak down the most dangerous rivers, conquer the highest mountains in order to study glaciers, purposely give themselves infections to perform experiments and fight the deadliest epidemics in Africa.

In the distant Amazon. In the tropical forests of Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park, an abundance of orchids bloom in dazzling colors, exotic birds sing and jaguars pursue their prey. But another treasure found here — oil — has the potential to destroy all of the inhabitants of this verdant paradise.

Microscopic world. Microbes are everywhere — even in clouds and deep in the earth, not to mention in the air we breathe. Most microbes are harmless and some are even beneficial, but another group is absolutely deadly.

Polar odyssey. One hundred years ago, Douglas Mawson led an Australian expedition to the South Pole. His goal: to unravel the secrets of unexplored lands.

Are we closer to the stars? Interstellar travel enthusiasts still hope to create a starship and are developing different versions of a suitable engine. How realistic are these projects?

The research and exploration continue. Turn the page and begin your journey today.

The special edition issue is already on sale.

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