Vkusno i Polezno Held Festival of Russian Cuisine

Vkusno i Polezno magazine held its first festival of Russian cuisine at the Zelyony Perekryostok supermarket in the Afimoll shopping center on March 7.

Vkusno i Polezno chef Oleg Sotnikov was on hand to teach guests how to prepare a number of delicious Russian dishes: blini with a range of toppings, vinaigrette salad with forest mushrooms, sturgeon with fragrant butter, roasted quail with wild berry sauce, and apples baked in honey and cinnamon.

Contests were also staged among the participants, including quizzes on delicious and healthy dishes. Almost every guest left the Zelyony Perekryostok supermarket with a complimentary gift but, even more importantly, with new skills and a happy and festive mood.

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