Yes! New Issue on New Life

The advent of spring is an excellent opportunity to make positive changes. In March, Yes! will help its young readers examine their lives and decide whether something needs to be changed and, if so, how best to do it. The article “Starting Over” explains how to overcome destructive emotions and bad habits, keep promises to yourself and how to persevere until you attain your goal. The quiz “Are You Ready to Start a New Life?” will help young women determine whether they are ready to make fundamental changes. The article “Killing Time” lists the most insidious ways that people waste time along with methods for avoiding them.

The magazine also contains a compilation of stories of real people who were not afraid to put their unusual ideas into practice and thereby change their own lives. And, to ensure that their new lives are free from health and beauty problems, the “It’s All” in the “Details” section tells readers everything they need to know about vitamins and the foods in which they can find them. Of course, Yes! would not be complete without a quiz on love: The “To Be Continued“ material explains how to avoid stupid mistakes in the beginning of a relationship.

What’s more, March marks the launch of the 2013 “Face of the Year” project. Readers will battle it out for a chance to appear on the cover of Yes!, sign a contract with a modeling agency, work with famous photographers, assemble a striking portfolio, feel like a star, meet interesting people and win a slew of great prizes.

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