National Geographic Photo Contest

Bence Mate — one of the world’s best naturalist photographers, holder of the 2010 Naturalist Photographer of the Year award and the central figure in the March issue of National Geographic Russia — is conducting a contest for the magazine’s Russian readers.

The contestant submitting the most interesting shots of birds will receive a special code providing one-day access to a remote professional camera installed in one of Bence Mate’s hides. Mate has installed a Nikon D800 camera equipped with a 200-400 variable focal length lens in his newest hide. Using an online interface, the winner will be able to control the movement of the camera in all directions, focus on the desired subject and adjust the settings on the camera. The photos and videos are recorded on a server and are easily downloaded from there. This setup makes it possible to create photographic masterpieces while located thousands of miles away from the shoot location.

Anyone wanted to try their hand at revolutionary photographic technologies should send no more than two bird photos to Follow the results of the contest in the online version of National Geographic Russia at

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