Viadeo Helps Users Learn English

The Viadeo Russia social network for professionals summed up the results of its contest, “Change Your Career With Viadeo – Study English.” During the month-long project, participants explained why they need to know English and what motivates them to study it.

Many contestants shared interesting stories about their efforts to learn English and the ways they plan to put it to use. Viadeo users voted for the three best posts to the website, giving the winners — Grigory Zakurdayev, Galina Dubovaya and Irina Sidoruk — 85, 59 and 16 “Interesting” responses, respectively. Each received certificates to study English at the Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech) training center.

First-place winner Grigory Zakurdayev provided this comment: “Owing to my lack of English, I am very fearful whenever I fly somewhere alone. I worry that I won’t understand what is being said or that I will get lost and fail to find my way home.”

Galina Dubovaya said that English is necessary for her career. As a college student, she has already begun preparing for her later professional development. “I currently study at the university,” she said, “and as a result of persistent work and effort, my command of English is not as bad now as it was during my school years. However, it is still not good enough to realize my childhood dream of traveling to England and taking a business English course. The upper intermediate level command of English required for such a trip is still far beyond my current ability. In any case, a firm command of English not only helps overcome the fear of traveling abroad but is also one key to a successful career.”

Irina Sidoruk described her repeated attempts to learn English. “I work in marketing and advertising and travel a great deal. Knowing that an excellent command of English is simply indispensable, I took various courses, hired a tutor and studied independently. Even so, at 35 years of age, I still have a high school level command of English. But I have not given up. I constantly try to study, at least on my own.”

The contest organizers extend their thanks to all the participants, as well as to the Svoboda Slova training center for the prizes it offered.

Viadeo Russia is constantly working to help users find new business contacts and develop their careers. Register at online and check out the Viadeo in Russia group for more information about the social network’s contests and projects.

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