National Geographic Russia in May

In the latest issue of National Geographic Russia, readers will learn about Wrangel Island, one of the most hard-to-reach wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The only approach in winter is by helicopter, and in summer, by icebreaker. Read a report on this remote corner of the Arctic by a Russian photographer and an American journalist.

Also in this issue:

Top-Rated. New substances and materials that make our lives better.

With life in hand. The work of an ornithologist can be deadly.

The quest for elements. Scientists are synthesizing new elements as they investigate the mysteries of the atomic nucleus.

China’s ancient lifeline. The Grand Canal – an ambitious project linking north and south China – began 1,400 years ago. And even today, it has not lost its economic and cultural significance.

Contumacious McKinley. The highest peak north of the Arctic Circle is “only” 6,196 meters high, but the difficulty of the ascent is measured not simply by elevation – and to this three mountain climbers can personally testify.

The mysterious Doggerland. Researches continue to be intrigued by material traces of Mesolithic civilizations found at the bottom of the North Sea. They are discovering new ways to unravel the mystery surrounding the ancient Doggerland inhabitants and how that land mass looked before it was submerged by rising oceans.

Covering the world in fertilizer. Each year, farmers around the world dump a hundred million tons of nitrogen fertilizer on their fields to artificially increase yields. Could this turn much of the planet into a “dead zone”?

The issue went on sale on April 30.

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