Custom Publishing Visits Zadar

In June, Custom Publishing will join the readers of the S7 in-flight magazine for a trip to Zadar, where people stroll along the Mediterranean coastline to the strains of a unique sea organ concealed beneath a seafront promenade; travel to golden-domed Kiev — where they speak in Russian, live like Europeans and eat Ukrainian-style; study the peculiarities of Liberty Island with choreographer Alla Sigalova; and recall the man who created the “parent’s bible.” In addition, we will rent a car and drive to the mysterious city of Machu Picchu; return to childhood along with Swiss photographer Hugues de Wurstemberger; take a new look at Estonian cuisine; admiringly try on jewelry made with pearls; and read an excerpt from the Sigrid Undset book “Tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.”

As always, the magazine contains useful and topical information that passengers will find of practical value and help them pass the time pleasantly. Each new issue is full of flight routes, stories, people, myths and delectable treats from around the world. You will never be bored with S7 magazine.

Welcome aboard!

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