Na Rublevke Holds Ecofestival

The Na Rublevke and Novosti na Novoy Rige newspapers held the second Ecolife festival at the Arkhangelskoye museum and estate on June 22.

The opening of the festival was held to the rousing rhythms of Irish dance music. A wide variety of eco-friendly goods and services were presented in six themed festival zones: Ecofoods, Ecofashion, Ecocosmetics, Ecohomes, Ecosports and Ecotourism. Festival guests could purchase fresh farm products, learn about natural cosmetics and eco-friendly products and take part in various workshops.

The festival included a “Na Rublevke Flea Market” that the Na Rublevke and Novosti na Novoy Rige newspapers held for the eighth time. Shoppers found vintage jewelry, exotic souvenirs and much more.

The GallaDance club staged an exhibition performance and workshop for guests. A music program featured the talents of virtuoso Dmitry Kalinin with his Crazy Balalaika performance, Alla Pugacheva Star Factory finalist singer Mike Mironenko and Lady Sax with her Cuban musicians.

The festival ended with a lottery for prizes from event partners: gift certificates for a stay at the Grand Imperial Wellness, souvenirs from the Chic Art salon, gift certificates for lessons at the GallaDance club, gift certificates for consultations at the PremierMedica polyclinic as well as a set of cosmetics from Ecoland.

More information about the ecofestival is available on the Na Rublevke website at

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