Anniversary Issue of National Geographic Russia

National Geographic Russia magazine turns 10 in September 2013. The anniversary issue examines what awaits mankind with the rising of the world’s oceans. Does catastrophe loom? If so, how soon will it come?

Also in this issue:

Space mountains. There are mountains on other planets that dwarf Mt. Everest.

Always in the middle of things. A French photographic artist exhibits enormous prints of his works in places that give them specific political overtones.

Elephant with a video camera. How to make a completely unique documentary? Perhaps with the help of animals. A bold decision led to an entirely new type of film about wildlife.

The peaks of Antarctica. Attracted by the presence of numerous unclimbed peaks in Queen Maud Land, a team of four gutsy mountaineers set out to conquer Antarctica. A nearly manic obsession and a healthy dose of optimism helped them survive.

The “America” at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. Searching for sunken ships is extremely inviting and dangerous. A group of Russian underwater archeologists decided to find the “America,” a ship that sunk in the second half of the 19th century.

Antelope with a trunk. It is impossible to confuse the saiga with any other animal. Its large, flexible, almost trunk-like nose distinguishes it from all other antelopes.

The issue will go on sale August 27.

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