Cosmopolitan Psychology on Vesna FM Radio

Cosmopolitan Psychology magazine has begun collaborating with the Vesna (Spring) FM federal radio station. A special “Cosmopolitan Psychology” segment co-hosted by editor-in-chief Olga Zamyatina will air five times per week on Vesna FM radio as of September 2.

The segment is devoted to practical psychology. Daytime radio announcer Yekaterina Yesenina will present the topic and invite Olga Zamyatina to discuss it with her. Their discussion topics will be taken from articles appearing in the magazine as well as questions of interest to Cosmopolitan Psychology readers and Vesna FM listeners. A few examples: how to talk with your partner about sex; how to teach your child to be independent; how to choose a partner — for love or convenience; and many others.

The site maintains contact with listeners both before and after the program airs.

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