Fall Issue of National Geographic Traveler

In the fall issue of National Geographic Traveler, readers will find the best healing resorts and spas: Hungary, Jordan, Spain, China, France, Czech Republic and other locations where you can restore your powers and boost your vitality.

Also in this issue:

Overseas road trip. The dos and don’ts of traveling by car through Europe and the United States.

Guide to Tbilisi. The locals share their inside tips with NG Traveler. Learn how to enjoy the sun and fresh fruit in Tbilisi, where to find khinkali, which sulfur baths to visit, why noisy meals are so much fun and how to choose the most interesting travel route.

Report: Travel Brazil — crocodiles, the Amazon River, native Indians and the jungle.

Weekend in Provence. How can you spend an interesting 24 hours in the French countryside?

Ski resorts. Everything about ski resorts in Russia and the former Soviet republics. The North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, the Far East, Ukraine, Central Asia, from the Urals to Lake Baikal, from Moscow to the Far North — new “Alpine” resorts that have been attracting increasing numbers of tourists over the past decade.

Persona. A musician from the Uma2rman group talks about his beloved Marbella, Spain.

Find all this and much more in the new issue of National Geographic Traveler. The issue went on sale September 24.

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