Yes! Issue Devoted to Guys

The November issue of Yes! magazine shares secrets with readers about the stronger sex. The issue contains material to help girls understand boys and find a common language with them: instructions for a first date; a quiz to help determine what to expect from a guy in the future; a major section in which Men’s Health and Popular Mechanics celebrities and editors provide wise and witty answers to the most common, unexpected and interesting questions about young men. Readers will also find an article on virginity that will help them overcome stereotypes and come to their own answer to an important and nagging question: “When is the right time to lose your innocence?”

For those with nothing to do this fall, Yes! wrote a piece about boredom: It turns out it can even be beneficial. Also, find an FAQ on computer games — if you get tired of all that useful boredom, you might want to learn how to keep a conversation going with an 80th-level gamer. The Experiences column looks at four smart, active and self-motivated boys who, despite their young age, have already managed to achieve something in life and have no plans to stop. The Profession section focuses on a young woman who chose the unfeminine job of policewoman. The sassy Wrong Side Out section reminds readers that there are people in the world who have no rules, values or laws and that you never know what to expect when you meet one of them in person.

Also, editors had a heart to heart talk with their old friend, Ilya Lagutenko. In fact, he was the first person that Yes! ever interviewed, and so it is no surprise that the main member of Mumiy Troll is once again in the spotlight for this November anniversary issue.

A fashion story shot in a very interesting way. Stylists chose the six most interesting fashion trends, ranging from classic retro to the subculture sea punk, and had a young man and woman “try each one on” in a photo shoot.

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