National Geographic Russia in December

The December issue of National Geographic Russia magazine looks at the most elusive predators in the Western Hemisphere — the ghost cats living in Griffith Park in Hollywood. Why have pumas — masters at the art of disguise — returned to live in proximity to humans?

Also in this issue:

Wild customs: Ethiopian Lale Labuko rescued 37 children who had been sentenced to death. Also, people who were unhappy for various reasons and been branded as “cursed.”

Virtual immortality. Specialists have found a way to preserve priceless masterpieces of world culture in all their three-dimensional glory.

Ushakov Island. It seems that with the discovery of this tiny, icebound island in the Kara Sea, the map of Russia has been fully charted.

Peaceful conquest. Russian tumbleweeds have tumbled all the way to the United States and the Americans have proven powerless against this relentless invader.

Atlantic walruses. These lumbering sea denizens combine the incongruous: they are both charming and dangerous, graceful and clumsy.

The first skiers. According to researchers, the origins of today’s popular sport date back to 8,000 BC in Chinese Altai.

The December issue went on sale November 26.

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