Cosmopolitan Psychology in March

As International Women’s Day approaches, Cosmopolitan Psychology explores and reveals the key myths about women. The cover story for the March issue: Women’s Zen. Also in this issue:

Trends. “Use Caution When Doors Open.” How to find friends all over the world without leaving home.

Why does the other half always live better? Surely other people in other places are enjoying better lives than we are right here and now. Why do we have such thoughts, and is it necessary to journey somewhere in search of happiness?

Relationships: A socialite and a homebody, a choleric personality and someone prone to melancholy, an extrovert and an introvert — can two people with very different personalities and interests really maintain a relationship?

Children: When a real Mary Poppins shows up on their doorstep, many moms experience more confusion and anxiety than they do relief in their concern over whether their child will manage to find a common language with the new nanny.

Attention everyone: learn to focus on what’s most important with the help of unexpected skills — archery, juggling and tightrope walking.

Instructions: how to ask for forgiveness.

The issue went on sale Feb. 18.

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