National Geographic Russia in March

Learn about Bactrian Gold in the latest issue of National Geographic Russia. Readers will find an article about the incredible adventures surrounding a horde of treasure unearthed from royal tombs that miraculously survived years of war and looting in Afghanistan.

Also in this issue:

The mystery of black holes. Scientists have long been trying to understand what lies inside black holes. That mystery might find a solution in a matter of months when all the radio telescopes in the world focus on a single black hole at the center of the Milky Way: Sagittarius A.

Superfish. Nature has equipped the tuna with the most advanced biological mechanisms, making it a wonder of evolutionary perfection among fish.

The call of the flower. Like all their brethren, tiny nectar-eating bats use echolocation to navigate through space. Amazingly, the tropical plants that comprise their diet not only exude an alluring aroma and accurately reflect the creature’s radio waves, but can even change shape to facilitate the collection of nectar.

New Zealand. After splitting off from Australia, New Zealand remained in ecological isolation for 80 million years, thereby preserving flora and fauna originating in ancient Gondwana — the supercontinent that today’s land masses in the Southern Hemisphere once composed.

The issue went on sale Feb. 25. Find the iPad version with numerous interactive illustrations in the AppStore.

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