Women’s Health Announces Contest Results

Women’s Health magazine and the Reebok company announced the results of a joint contest. In hopes of appearing on the cover of the May issue of Women’s Health, readers registered on the whrussia.ru site and, over the course of six months, posted photographs, completed difficult tasks and shared their successes.

The jury chose three finalists. Yekaterina Kostygina will become the face of a Reebok advertising campaign, Elena Rybalchenko will participate in a fitness photo shoot for the magazine and Sofia Soldatova will grace the cover of the May issue of Women’s Health. Five more finalists who earned the highest cumulative point totals will win Reebok gift certificates for 10,000 rubles and a one-year subscription to Women’s Health. An additional five young women who won individual rounds of the competition will each receive Reebok gift certificates for 5,000 rubles and a six-month subscription to Women’s Health.

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