Cosmopolitan Psychology in April

The main article in the April issue of Cosmopolitan Psychology magazine looks at serious reasons why you should take life easier. This issue explains how to make your life easier with the help of humor and helps you distinguish between good-natured jokes and biting sarcasm.

The issue contains all of the usual interesting topics and sections:

Trends: in place of a thousand words, or comics as the most effective way to communicate on the Internet.
Self-actualization: the right way to be jealous. Psychologists affirm that jealousy can be constructive. What is the right way to express your feelings without packing your bags?
Beneath the surface: what sometimes lies behind great successes and failures in love.
Relationships: long and happy. How to determine the prospects for your relationship and maintain close ties, and how to stop arguing and understand why family members fight.
Children: How do you know if parents are bringing up their children correctly?
Career: How to find the right approach to your coworkers and build relationships with the staff.
Health: Our bodies often crave energy and vital nourishment in spring. Now is the time to listen to your body and give it what it wants.
Fashion and beauty: Purchases in April that will indulge your body and soul.
Travel: Where to go to have a great time, just enjoying your own company.

The issue went on sale March 18. The iPad version is available in the App Store.

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