National Geographic Photo School

National Geographic magazines are inviting readers to attend photography workshops conducted by regular contributing photographers to the Russian edition of the publication. The workshops are designed for both experienced and novice photographers who want to improve the quality of their work and learn trade secrets from National Geographic photographers.

The workshops will focus on different photographic genres. Sergei Gorshkov, a recognized expert in wildlife photography and winner of some of the world’s most prestigious photo competitions will open the spring season for the photo school. His workshop, “The art of wildlife photography” will be held on March 29 at 12:00 p.m.

On April 5, National Geographic Russia chief photographer Andrei Kamenev will present a workshop titled “Shooting in severe weather conditions.” On April 12, Alexander Zheleznyak — the Editor-in-Chief of the Russian edition of National Geographic Traveler — will explain what constitutes real travel reporting. On April 26, Viktor Lyagushkin will conduct a workshop on “Creative lighting in nature photography.”

Anyone wishing to attend a workshop must register by sending a preliminary request to In the body of the message they should include their name, contact telephone number and the name of the workshop they want to attend. A limited number of places are available. Each workshop costs 2,000 rubles.

The workshop will be held at the Sanoma Independent Media publishing house in Moscow at Ulitsa Polkovaya 3-1. For more information about upcoming workshops, please visit

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