National Geographic Russia in April

The April issue of National Geographic Russia magazine looks at unusual pets. Readers will learn about the range of animals that sometimes serve as companions to humans and the fate that awaits some of our more dangerous pets.

Also in this issue:
A new telescope. The ALMA, the world’s largest telescope, enables scientists to peer deep into the unexplored corners of the universe and to view it all in amazingly high resolution.

Night bird. The Blakiston’s fish-owl is one of the largest and rarest of owls. Our author went in search of the bird in the Ussuriysk region of Russia’s Far East where he was able to observe the fish-owl and capture unique photographs of its daily life.

Beauty — French style. A visit to Brittany feels like a return to the 19th century. The young women of Brittany eagerly follow old holiday traditions by wearing amazing outfits and hats of fantastic shapes and sizes.

In the world of sharks and turtles. A tiny island in the middle of the Mozambique Channel is possibly the only healthy marine ecosystem remaining in the Western Indian Ocean.

A Roman boat. A trading vessel built by the Romans in the 1st century A.D. lay peacefully on the bottom of the Rhone in the French town of Arles until underwater archeologists discovered it in the 21st century.

The April issue went on sale March 25.

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