On the Cote d’Azur with Custom Publishing

In May, Custom Publishing invites readers of the S7 inflight magazine to the ancient yet high-tech city of Seoul; join director Kirill Serebrennikov for a tour of Riga; visit Sochi in summer for a little seaside romance. After that, we’ll rent a car and go for a spin along the “golden” route of the French Riviera, check out Calvados in Normandy; discover Flanders at the end of the Belle Epoque; revisit the joys of football on the eve of World Cup XX; take on a new, lithe look with stiletto heels and read excerpts from the Woody Allen play “Old Saybrook.”

As always, the magazine contains useful and topical information that passengers will find to be full of practical value and that will help them pass the time pleasantly. Each new issue is full of flight routes, stories, people, myths and delectable treats from around the world. You'll never be bored with S7 magazine.

Welcome aboard!

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