National Geographic Russia in June

Read about the treasures of ancient Peru in the latest issue of National Geographic Russia magazine. The Huari burial site — the richest of its kind in Peru — was found near the capital city where it lay hidden from the eyes of treasure-seekers for decades.

Also in this issue:

Making a better fish: The world now breeds more fish than cattle. Will that help feed the world’s rapidly expanding population?

“Black” wheat: The legacy of Nikolai Vavilov helped the Ethiopian people survive in the late 20th century and can help prevent starvation today.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence: In these coastal waters, freshwater fish that have come down the St. Lawrence River meet with such marine life as sea urchins, starfish and whales coming from the Atlantic Ocean. How can we preserve that rich diversity of flora and fauna and stop the extinction of species?

Buzkashi is a man’s game. Throughout Central Asia, no national holiday is complete without this form of competition, and only those who combine both skill on horseback and athleticism are able to participate.

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