Cosmopolitan Psychology in November

The cover story of the November issue of Cosmopolitan Psychology magazine is “Living without resentments: learning to forgive.” It is easy to talk about forgiving someone who has offended you, but very difficult to do in all sincerity. That is why we carry tons of resentments with us that affects our lives and ruins our health. Psychologist Vita Malygin explains why we take offense and how we can let go of our resentments.

Also in this issue:

Trends: We hurry when we walk, eat on the run and consider it a long line when two people stand are ahead at the checkout counter. Psychologists and researchers explain why we have forgotten how to slow down and enjoy life.

Relationships: Do we really want to know everything about our partners and always tell them only the truth? The answer is not as straightforward as it seems.

Career. Who is to blame in workplace conflicts? We examine a situation from two sides – the boss’s and the employee’s.

Special “November Holidays” section: a program for happiness, health and harmony for the whole winter.

Self-knowledge: Why do we need to understand everything that happens?

Children: Parents always want their children to eat plenty of good food and not just snack on chips all the time, so the magazine’s editors looked into three ways to get children interested in wholesome food that really work.

Interview: Tatiana Lazareva talks about her husband Mikhail Shats, her children and the ability to forgive and live in harmony with herself and the world.

Dreamboard contest continues: Readers have already identified their ideal self, man, home and hobbies. Now they will choose the workplace and environs of their dreams.

The November issue of Cosmopolitan Psychology went on sale October 28 at a new, reduced price. An iPad version of the magazine is also available.

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