Men’s Health in February

In February, Men’s Health magazine looks at the planet’s the 15 strongest men and their physical strength and strength of spirit that are worth emulating.

Also in this issue:
Quick test: is the region you live in dying?
Army know-how for your workout: kicks from a crouching position;
Product test for new big (and ear-warming) headphones;
How to return from your travels in a good mood;
Meet speed skiers;
How to eliminate nasty mold invading your home;
A guide to the first year of marriage;
A full transcript of all the signals your genitals are sending you;
Recipe for tasty and healthy Greek fast food –gyros;
A detailed explanation of why you should be loud during sex;
The whole truth about how the secrets you keep only chew you up inside;
An equipment-free home workout.

In the Hardware section, read about men’s wristwatches. Why do some models cost more than an apartment? Why are they always worn on the left wrist? What is the difference between a chronometer and a chronograph? Find these answers in the latest issue of the magazine.

The February issue of Men’s Health went on sale January 20. Find it in stores and kiosks throughout the city.

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