Cosmopolitan Psychology in February

In their youth, many people believe that love is all-powerful, that it offers practically the only guarantee for a lasting relationship and that it is capable of overcoming everything – from partners with incompatible personalities and differing life goals to financial difficulties. But gradually, as we grow up, we develop more mature, adult emotions and feelings – the main topic of the February issue of Cosmopolitan Psychology magazine.

Also in this issue:

Self-awareness: should we try to overcome shyness?
Relationships: how to retain love and sound judgment during your first year together;
Why children lie: only the truth for the strongest parents;
Interview: a candid discussion with author Tatiana Ustinova about love – the first, the second, the real and the not-so-real;
Body: where orgasms actually originate and what sparks them;
Career: how to turn your efforts to improve the world into a business project;
Joys: especially for Valentine’s Day and Men’s Day: special lingerie for special occasions, romantic stories that end with delicious hot chocolate, spas for men and gentle make-up for women, new beauty products, quizzes for couples and gifts for the holidays.

The February issue of Cosmopolitan Psychology went on sale January 27, now at a discounted price. An iPad version is also available.

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